But once you have accepted your second month delivery of food, you can cancel further months with no penalty.We ate 2 salads a day, we added yougut and cheese, fruit, fat free milk etc.This is the first diet I have actually ever been on so I was a little apprehensive about starting and sticking to it.Sorry to go on a bit, but I think some things needed to be said.Nutrisystem Reviews Diet Foods Delivered to You With Nutrisystem Diet you will.

I have about 30-40lbs I want to loose and this seems like the perfect way to go for me.Alcohol is not your friend when your losing weight as it lowers your resistance to temptation to eat what you should not eat.

The food, some of them good, the one w tomato sauce and beef on it, are really bad, I even found some grease on beef one, sure I trashed.One of my friends also tried it for a month when I started my second month and she lost an amazing 14 pounds.

The bottom line is that if you follow a program such as this, you will loose weight.You can help yourself immensely by doing some light exercise while you are on the plan as well.Nutrisystem sent me a delivery of food that when I first saw it I was really not sure I did the right thing.I read them all and came back here to leave a short note to say thanks for all this honest and comprehensive info.I ended the two month long diet three weeks ago and weighed just 9 pounds less than when I started.Try extending to more than 30 minutes if you can — the longer the better.I ordered NS on Tuesday of last week and my order arrived by Thursday.

I told my friends about what I was doing with NS cause I thought they should all know I was trying to lose weight and they were supportive too.Also, I prefer not eat my largest meal at the end of the day, but rather in the middle.NutriSystem Nourish puts the power to lose weight in your hands, by providing the education to make healthy meals at home and overcome typical weight loss pitfalls.

I posted a link in the review to the NS FAQ that explains this.I a 31 years old and sruggled with weight loss for quite some time now possibly because I hate exericse.

Small portions, decipline and common sense, you can diet yourself and not pay for it.As for being told that you may never walk fast again, if the determination and spirit is in you to go the extra mile, you may actually surprise yourself what obstacles you can overcome.I have not started Nutri-System but am seriously considering it.So be warned that there are hidden fees and charges should you decide to cancel out on the the future orders.The second month (which i am almost at the end of now) I upgraded my plan and had the opportunity to also customize my order.What is the benefit of eating the frozen meals from NurtiSystem or the Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choices at my local store for just a couple bucks a portion.

During the diet, your body will have learned to be satisfied eating smaller portions.I read a recent report that states that there were something like 6.5 billion obese people living in the world back in 2006.The decision to try NS came after I had what I hear folks say is a moment of clarity.Lunch Tue was so bad that i stuck finger down my throat and threw it up.

I chose the Nutrisystem for Men diet and tried it for a month.Its a tough call and this is not the only solution, of course.There has to be more to it than just calories, carbs and fat.Now that I am over 40, I am noticing issues that were not there as a younger person, High cholesterol and high blood pressure.

I have been on the plan for a month already.I so a 10 days on and 4 days more flexible.Also the eating out booklet (they provide you) is awesome and very helpful.

NutriSystem For Men: Review Of The Diet, What Foods You